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Our Firm

The current business environment requires companies to work with proven professionals to guide their ways and become a successful company. Our firm has been providing high quality assurance, accounting, tax and advisory solutions to our clients in the U.S.A. and Korea.  The growing list of our clients from small to large companies with long-term relationships is testimonial evidence that we meet and, most of time, exceed their expectations.


How many professionals do you know who return your phone call or reply to your email right away?  We are known to our clients to follow up promptly and take care of their work personally.  We truly believe that the success of our firm is totally dependent upon the satisfaction of our clients.  To engage a certified public accountant (CPA) firm, you should carefully consider whether the CPA firm has the appropriate technical knowledge, reputation, and most importantly, the in-depth experience to provide the overall and long-term solutions.


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